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How Does a Wholesale Account Work?

Signing up for a wholesale account with Farmasi allows you to purchase all products and supplies at wholesale price (50% off retail price) leaving a 50% profit margin if you choose to sell in a retail store or boutique. 

A wholesale account also gives you a free website link which allows customers, clients, or students to purchase directly online from you which will give you a 50% online commission from the products they purchase. Commission is paid out every three days.


How Do I Get a Wholesale Account Started?

To get your wholesale account started, simply click here and you will click the Beauty Influencer button. It will then walk you through entering your information to start your account. All information is kept private and is not shared. No yearly fees are required.

The 19.99 starter kit is required at checkout to start your wholesale account (with exception to Canada). Any additional products added at the time of sign up will have your wholesale discount applied. Product packs are an option at the time of sign up and are available for purchase up to 30 days after your date of sign up. Points from these product packs go toward your 6 month minimum to keep your account active.

Your starter kit comes with brochures explaining your account, color matching brochures, catalogs featuring the products, and a variety of samples

Click below to get started.

How Do I Keep My Account Active?

To keep your wholesale account active, a 6 month minimum of 125 personal volume is required. This can be gained from personal purchases or customers who order from your Farmasi website.

Any questions?

Contact Erin with any questions


Call or Text: 334-313-6440

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