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Farmasi is an international lifestyle company. We are based out of Europe and specialize in products to enhance beauty, personal care, and health & wellness.
As a company, we have over 80 years of experience in the Cosmetics and Health Industry. To date, we have formulated and launched more than 2,000 products, which are shipped to over 125 countries all around the world. So, in short, this company is the real deal!



Farmasi products are made to European Standards

European standards mean that as a company Farmasi is PROHIBITED from using over 1,300 known or suspected cancer causing toxins in our products. In contrast, US products ban only 11! Farmasi is completely sustainable and sourced - meaning everything from growing our own organic aloe vera, to making the bottles our products are packaged in, we do it ourselves! This enables us to keep costs low and we pass that savings to you.


Farmasi has a simple approach to making your business fun, successful, and profitable. If you are individual looking for extra income and you have a passion for beauty and helping others please read below to see if this is good fit for you.

What does a Beauty Influencer do?

Use it

What better way to know how good a product is than using it yourself. We promise you won't be disappointed!

Farmasi has a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, too! If you order something and you aren't satisfied - simply return it.

Promote It

Farmasi products are so attractive because each different price point is met with the highest standards. The benefits of promoting with Farmasi will blow you away as you save (and earn) money!

Recommend it

If you find a good deal somewhere, you tell your friends, right?

Same with the products you use - share the news about them with your friends and they'll want to get their hands on them, too!


Influencing is all about sharing what you love with others. Ask customers for their feedback and product reviews. Educate them about new products. Invite them to let others know how much they love what they are using. This business is all about sharing what you like and building relationships!

What are the Benefits of Beauty Influencers or Wholesalers?

Work from home with these benefits

SELL in your current country and the ability to grow your team globally

FREE website

FREE training

50% off ALL products always

Top paying compensation plan in the industry

50% commission always

Online commission paid within 3 days

No yearly fees

Monthly Incentives & New releases

Bonus opportunities

Car allowance 

Affordable prices

EU standard & cruelty free, gluten free, vegan

A wide variety of products for women, men, home, health & wellness!

How much is it to join? ONLY $19.99!

**Free to sign up as a Beauty Influencer as a Canadian resident**

Grab one of the optional product packs at checkout to achieve the welcome program your first 4 months and receive products and cash!

Let's get you started today by clicking below!

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